What is this place?

This is the website of the IoP in Scotland’s Picture of Gravity Competition.

When does the competition open?

November 2016

When does the competition close?

31st March 2017 (at midnight UTC)

Who is eligible?

Young people who attend a Scottish school or who are home-schooled in Scotland during the 2016/17 school session can take part.  Entries must be made by a responsible adult such as a teacher or club leader on behalf of the entrants. Entries will be accepted from teams of 1 to 4 in three categories: Primary, Secondary S1-S3, and Secondary Senior Phase (S4-S6).

How many entries can a school or club have?

As many as you like. Each pupil may only enter in one team.

How many people should be in a team?

The rules advise that a team should have between 1 and 4, with 4 being preferred.

Who will the judges be?

The judges will be nominated by the Institute of Physics Scotland Committee.  The outcome of their judging will be final and will not be open for discussion.

When will the judging take place?

April 2017.

When will the awards be presented?

The winning teams will be invited to the Celebration of Science and Engineering at Glasgow Science Centre on the 9th June. Travel expenses will be reimbursed by the Institute of Physics in Scotland. We are very grateful to the SCDI for including our winning teams as part of this event. The posters will be displayed at Glasgow Science Centre and will be seen by the numerous other schools attending that day. As part of the awards ceremony, Professor Martin Hendry will discuss the discovery of gravitational waves and following this prizes will be handed out.

Can an entry be a video?