The entry must:

  • Be unique and all your own work
  • Be produced by an individual or a team of up to four pupils
  • Include image credits and sources of information (references) used.

Other People’s Material

If you have to use other people’s material, please get their permission to do so and use the material in accordance with their requirements.  Please include their agreement in your submission so that we know how we should use it too as sometimes requirements for us could be different.  If you are in doubt it’s best to only use your own material, after all that is one of the things the judges will be looking for. Entries that include copyright material without permission will be disqualified.


There are three categories in the new contest: Primary (probably but not a hard rule, P6-7), S1-3 and Senior Phase (S4-6). Entries may be made by individuals or groups of up to four. Entrants must be in full time education and resident in Scotland, including Local Authority and independent schools and home-schooled. Entries must be made by an adult – a teacher, club leader or educator over the age of 18.


Judges will be nominated by the Institute of Physics Scotland committee. The judges’ decision will be final and no correspondence will be entered into. We reserve the right to use the material submitted, at our sole discretion, and may or may not publish complete or partial entries. We will observe any pupil non-disclosure requests or requirements provided to us.

Marking Criteria

Judges will reward entries that show scientific understanding, research and interpretation of facts. A particular skill in science is taking a complex idea and explaining it simply. As a broad guide, entries should aim to:

  • Demonstrate knowledge and understanding of the science of gravity, appropriate to the pupils’ age.
  • Be creative, innovative and inventive.
  • Select appropriate examples and case studies to highlight their points.
  • Accurately use scientific language and equations.